Several things affecting the gameplay and faster server performance have been improved.

Removed Null from the Event engine

Removed L2jBrasil from the voting system

CoL amount per vote increased to 25 ( Valid from 08/09/2018 )


Some minor bugs have been fixed

Improved duel, walking with immobilizing sillies

Several improvements were made to the Olympics

The message when using the Recall skill on the Olympics has been corrected

Server restart will be faster

Zombie event has been blocked


Betray skill has been improved

Name corrected in the database Magnetic shadow set to Majestic shadow set

Unnecessary items have been removed to improve faster performance

Henna IDs have been corrected, Now that the player puts +1 +1 dye, he should be able to see it correctly.

When the player (usually) the titan uses skills and quickly changes weapons, some skills reload, it seems that you can do them use when in fact it’s still a renewal time. – Repair