Hi. I would like to inform you that work is still ongoing. The system will be more stable, periodic events will appear, regular type 1 vs 1 events, searching for boxes, rabbits in cities, etc.

We are unable to determine when we are planning to start. Of course, we make every effort to ensure that the server is ready for the holidays.


Hello. After more than a year, we decided to stop the L2-Everlife server. We are taking a step forward, better files, better prepared config, better prepared Admins.

L2Temida. The name comes from the Greek goddess Themis. Goddess and the personification of justice, law and eternal order. We have a plan for this server to work endlessly, without corruption and, above all, in a nice and friendly atmosphere

We will make every effort to minimize errors to meet all players’ problems.

You will learn about beta testing and specifications soon. Follow the site and our profile on FB. Now relax, spend some time with friends, families, acquaintances, make a clan meeting.

Thank you for playing together and having a good time together. We hope to see you online again 🙂


Telnet has been disabled for server security reasons

Improved target player-mob

Clan Hall Auctioneer has been improved

Removal of unnecessary and unused items


Several things affecting the gameplay and faster server performance have been improved.

Removed Null from the Event engine

Removed L2jBrasil from the voting system

CoL amount per vote increased to 25 ( Valid from 08/09/2018 )


Some minor bugs have been fixed

Improved duel, walking with immobilizing sillies

Several improvements were made to the Olympics

The message when using the Recall skill on the Olympics has been corrected

Server restart will be faster

Zombie event has been blocked